Elliptical Machine

An elliptical machine is a great way to get in shape. There are many options and prices available. For example, Consumer Reports says that lower cost elliptical fitness trainers often have problems from the beginning. The magazine’s editors report that you get what you pay for. Some models valued at more than $2,000 performed better in testing. However, one of the best rated only costs $1,000, but is reported that this elliptical exercise machine lacks the sturdy health-club feel of more expensive models.

Some lower cost ellipticals are being sold via television resizedimage500369-elliptical-machinesinfomercials. Consumers have reported over Internet website that these machines can tip at high speeds, causes painful, choppy movements and sometimes break, becoming useless, within a year. Also, some of these users say they are having a hard time getting the manufacturer to honor warranties.

Basically, ellipticals combine the best features of a stair stepper and a ski machine. They also provide you many benefits of elliptical fitness that you cannot find elsewhere. There are pedals that move on an elliptical track which the user stands on. Some models will even have stationary or preprogrammed incline options, and other models allow for incline adjustment throughout the workout. Almost all reviews say that elliptical trainers have exceeded treadmills in popularity because they give both a variety of aerobic workouts, while the ski-type leg movement limits the impact on joints.

Most elliptical exercise machines provide both an upper-body workout as well as lower body. They offer multiple exercise options at different levels of difficulty. However, some fitness reviews say that they tend to overestimate the number of calories you’re burning, usually by 20 to 30 percent. Usually, elliptical fitness machines with an option to enter your body weight can be more accurate. Overall, experts say you’ll burn 500 to 650 calories for one hour of exercise on any cardio machine.

It helps to understand the different models that are offered. Learn how to find elliptical machines for sale and how much you should spend. Comparing ellipticals is not hard – but it takes some practice.