Benefits of Elliptical Fitness

Many questions are usually asked about elliptical fitness machines.  These usually include, ”What are the fitness benefits?,” and, “What are the fitness benefits of elliptical machines?”

Benefits of Elliptical Machines

Edward R. Laskowski, M.D., provides the answer about benefits of the elliptical machines.  He says that thirty minutes of moderately intense exercise on most days of the week is e35ellipticalextremely beneficial.  This exercise can easily increase cardiovascular health, lower blood pressure, help maintain a healthy weight, and even build stronger bones and muscles.

He goes on to say that benefits of elliptical fitness machines are a great way for almost everyone to get that 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise.  These fitness machines combine the natural, fluid motion of walking and cross-country skiing to provide a low-impact workout. He says that for that reason, elliptical machines are less stressful on your knees, hips and back than is running.  Often times, people, especially those overweight, will experience hip, knee, and back trouble from impact exercise.

Some elliptical fitness machines also have poles, similar to ski poles, attached to the front.  This allows the user to exercise both their arms and legs.  An additional feature is that most ellipticals can be pedaled in reverse to work different  muscles.

The user will get the most effective workout if he or she maintains good
posture.  This includes keeping their shoulders back, head up and abdominals tight. Ideally, only the lower body should support the body weight.