How To Effectively Use The Elliptical

Elliptical machines are designed to provide you with a high impact cardio workout. It helps to work out each muscle in your body and to keep your heart rate at a steady level where you are able to burn a lot of calories in a shorter time period. Many health experts also claim that this exercise machine is a great way to work out your heart and to make it stronger.

If you think that you are not getting a good workout from it than it is possible you are not using it the way it was meant to be. Step onto the machine and set it for a manual workout. Most models will give you this option and for some you have no other choice.

Situate the foot pads so that one if facing up and the other down. Now step onto the machine and push down with the foot that is facing up to start the motion of the elliptical. Hold onto the bars in front or on the sides. Hold on tightly as you move your feet up and down.

On some machines the poles will move back and forth with your feet. Make sure to keep the movement steady and to not allow yourself to lean on the bars. Any leaning will take away from the impact and cause you to burn less calories.

Try to keep a slow and steady pace for the first five minutes. This helps your body to become accustomed to the motion you are doing and the rhythm of the machine. After five minutes try to move a bit faster. Keep doing this until you are going at a fast speed that is comfortable for you.

When you begin to feel tired start to slow down gradually. It is always best to take between three to five minutes to cool down. During this period you will go the slow, steady pace that you started off with. It will give your muscles time to adjust and relax.

Rest for a day before you get back on and try it again. After a week or two you will be able to move quicker and do some of the programmed workouts in your machine. You will feel less tired and able to handle more.